Mar 232014

It is very often that when fire happened to a house or somebody got electric-shocked; then the first suspect is due to improper installation of electricity. That is the reason electrical installation shall be performed by qualified technician.

Here, I want to introduce you, if you don’t know yet, how to protect our asset from being fired and our self from getting electric-shocked.  European standard IEC 60479 has explained the magnitude of current and its effect when flowing through human’s body; while risk of fire can be reduced through reduction of overloading risk and ensuring the protection to cut off the fault. To fulfill both purposes, there is only one means, which is GROUNDING.

Remember, Protecting life and asset → grounding.

How can we ensure that we have a proper grounding?
1. Always use cable with 3 cores with one of them having yellow-green strip color.

Cable with grounding core

Cable with grounding core

2.Ensure the yellow-green cable BONDED at body of the equipment.

DONE!! that’s all all steps to keep safe.

Now, after the grounding system has been installed, ensure that your home is completed with ELBC or GFCI. 

How this ELCB protecting our life?

courtesy of wkikpedia

courtesy of wkikpedia

So, when fault is occured (either electrical shocked, or ground fault, symbolized as lightning), the electrical source are cut off (symbolized as X).

Oct 122013

Hello again..
It is not about counterfeit but still about Chinese’s product. Recall product from CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commssion).

Now, you can see that opening factories in China is worsening the image of good company. It doesn’t mean I criticize opening factories in China; but another style of supervision should be developed when it is in China (or Asia?).

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